Why should I choose Luminous Tec?

When you choose Luminous Tec, you can be rest assured that your product will be developed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We make sure your product meets the highest possible standards.

Can Developers of Luminous Tec speak English?

Yes our developers are very well versed in English. Infact English speaking proficiency test is a part of our recruitment process.

Do you also provide maintenance services?

Yes, Luminous Tec provides one month free maintenance service after the project is completed. This generally includes bug fixing. Any new enhancements or feature development is handled as separate contract. We have three levels of contracts for support and maintenance.

Will Luminous Tec help me in choosing the hosting package?

Yes. We do provide hosting services.

How can I be sure that the software code will be owned by me without misuse?

We will sign a NDA with you before signing off the project where it will be mentioned that code will be owned by you. Besides that we also sign confidentiality agreement based on existing laws with each team member working on your project to safeguard your interest

Who owns the code? Do you provide code documentation?

Our customer owns the code as well as design. We always respect Intellectual property of our customers. Yes we document the code we develop as this helps us to maintain the code in a better way till the application is active. Of course you will be charged for it.

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