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AceTax React Mobile App Development

Mobile App For Individual Tax Filing

Ace Tax is an online Tax Filing Agency that helps individuals to file their taxes online. Clients are able to connect with certified pros and file taxes online.

AceTax Mobile App Case Study
AceTax File your Details

Client Overview:

Ace Tax provides Personal tax filing services to its clients in Canada. The client was looking to provide its clients with a mobile tax app. The app would be used by its dedicated tax experts to file Personal taxes for their clients, all through the convenience of a mobile app. The Ace Tax app also offered topic-specific tax advice. Luminous Tec is currently working with the client to realize its goal of becoming the #1 tax app for Canadian Taxes. 

Before partnering with Luminous Tec, Ace Tax was facing numerous challenges with its mobile app development partner. The app’s prototype UI had multiple issues and was plagued with performance issues. These issues led to poor user experience across device types. The client received many negative reviews from their dedicated tax partners and users. The client had no access to any analytics or monitoring capabilities. All this resulted in a decline in user engagement, and a need to revamp the app quickly, especially to meet the demand of clients to ensure social distancing due to COVID-19.


Ace Tax’s existing mobile app developer could not provide the design and product roadmap guidance needed to address the challenges faced by them so Ace Tax reached out to Luminous Tec’s mobile app development team for support. Ace Tax was looking to make improvements to their prototype app and address usability issues, enhance user experience and drive greater engagement so that they could go public with the app. They were was also looking for a partner that could support their product in the long run as Tax laws change frequently. By partnering with Luminous Tec, Ace Tax found a partner for the long run:

  • Provided support from all perspectives, ranging from product strategy to product design and development
  • Had the ability to act as a consultant that could help plan, build, and execute a product roadmap for future app iterations
  • Leveraged an agile end-to-end development process to strategically design, develop, test, and publish the application functionalities
  • Leveraged a dedicated strategy and team to create an enhanced user experience that empathizes with all user personas based on industry best practices
  • Provided unrestricted access to industry experts with a deep understanding of business and user needs
  • Had experience working with and developing React Native applications
AceTax Mobile App Registration Form
acetax Spouse Details

Solution and Results:

1.  Utilize Our Design First Approach To Create An Enhanced User Experience That Empathizes With All Key User Personas   

We leveraged insights from our intensive design creation sessions to identify improvement areas and recommended mobile best practices that would significantly revamp the user experience. These insights allowed us to develop an easy-to-use application with an updated UI; simplified navigation, user verification, sign-up; user onboarding; and intuitive user flows. These outcomes resulted in a more streamlined digital experience allowing users to file their taxes without getting bogged down by the complications associated with tax filing. 

2. Provide Product Strategy Planning And Support To Help Ace Tax Establish A Plan For Future Growth And Success

Ace Tax heavily relied on our close to twenty years of industry expertise and experience to help them move their digital product forward. Working collaboratively, we designed and developed a prioritized product roadmap for phased delivery using our ‘T, T+1, and T+n’ model. This allowed us and the Client Ace Tax to focus our resources on refining the app’s core functionalities and do a soft launch of the app just in time for the 2021 tax filing season. It also worked very well with the client as it allowed us to stay within the allocated budget while ensuring we quickly addressed immediate business needs. Our ‘T, T+1, and T+n’ model enabled us to provide guidance and a strategic product roadmap to the client to ensure they got the biggest bang for the buck while having a clear plan for continued future growth.

AceTax Mobile App Registration Form
AceTax Mobile App Case Study
3. Leverage Our Technical Expertise In AWS Cloud, Backend Support, And Maintenance To Improve the Performance Of The App.

One of Ace Tax’s core concerns was performance and usability issues that included frequent app crashes, latency issues,  and infrastructure issues that impacted the core functionality of the app. With guidance from our AWS Certified team and with the help of our agile app development process, we were able to break down the development cycle into smaller fixed sprints. The shorter sprints allowed our team of experts to stay focused on prioritized issues at each sprint stage, continuously testing solutions to roll out fixes at a rapid pace. 

The app is now 100% crash-free for all active users across iOS and Android device types. We revamped the existing design and reconfigured the user experience. The new product effectively addresses Ace Tax’s vision of making Tax filing easy for its client.

Future phases of the app will focus on allowing Clients of Ace Tax to do ‘What-If’ analysis on their own, improved search capabilities, push notifications, in-app ratings of dedicated tax providers, social media APIs, the ability of the app to read the tax documents and populate the information and electronic document signatures.

What about the delivery made the client happiest?

There were multiple challenges with the app when the Client approached us. We understood the root cause and customized the Magento plugin’s code to provide our Clients with the bespoke functionality they were looking for. With this new approach, the Client has been able to get better engagement from both Clients and the Dedicated Tax Partners, and that in turn has improved their revenue for the financial year.

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