E-learning the new way to stay connected

Our Luminous Tec team understands the importance of continuing our education. It is crucial to continue our learning experience no matter the circumstances.

During these times not only students had a huge impact on their learning dynamic, but also professors, tutors, businesses, school educational facilities, and after school programs have experienced the same disgruntle when it comes to staying at home.

This is why Luminous Tec is offering a new platform called Get Virtual Class, a fully customized online learning management system.

This is the best way to adapt to our current situation and make a mindful transition to e-learning, tutoring & training.

Our Virtual Classrooms are excellent ways to connect students during these challenging times. There is nothing more fundamentally important in our life than connecting with other people. Get Virtual Class offers every type of Curriculum from Math to Biology, Music, and Language.

Your company will benefit from this transition by continuing to earn income compellingly. Don’t miss out on our new E-learning app, our platform can raise the customer’s count, the sales of your e-commerce business.

These programs are reasonably priced options starting at $39.00 a month. We personalize your Classroom for your Brand set up hosting and training for you to set up your programs in 24 hours so you can be ready to go live and continue to earn tuitions from your students.

Visit us at www.getvirtualclass.com/contacts  to schedule a virtual demo or in-person meeting. Let your prime customers know you are here for them, and let us assist you in this inevitable transition.

Please give us a call at (949) 531 6098 or email at sales@luminoustec.net to learn more.