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NexGen Taxes Mobile And Web Application

Next Generation Tax Filing Platform

NexGen Taxes is an online Tax Filing platform that helps individuals and fast-growing companies file their taxes online by connecting with certified pros and building their own tax teams that they can use to file taxes year after year.


main case nexgen
NexGen Taxes

Client Overview:

NexGen Taxes is an online tax filing platform that assists individuals and rapidly expanding businesses in filing their taxes online. NexGen Taxes connects its clients with licensed professionals and enables them to create tax teams that they can use to file taxes year after year.

Individuals and businesses can handle any tax scenario thanks to a vast network of independent tax filing experts and the reliability and security of the NexGen Taxes Platform. A complete Next Generation tax filing experience is provided by streamlining the tax filing workflow with technology comprising secure online document management, secure communication, digital signatures, and more.


NexGen was looking to develop an enterprise platform that would allow individuals and firms to file taxes and give CPAs the opportunity to work independently. They’re still at the beginning of their journey, and yet they have grown tremendously over the last few years.

NexGen mobile and web application development started with a discovery meeting, a design vision, and a layout of its target market. Luminous Tec has been instrumental in developing their mobile and web application from the ground up, from conception to design and product roadmap guidance. 

nexgen Dashboard
nexgen chat Dashboard

Solution and Results:

1. Discovery And Prototyping

The first stage of mobile and web application development and discovery was all about user and vendor needs research. We performed Customer interviews and competitor product analysis to better understand the problem we were trying to solve. We leveraged insights from our intensive design creation sessions to identify improvement areas and recommended mobile best practices that would significantly revamp the user experience. These insights allowed us to develop an easy-to-use application with an updated UI; simplified navigation, user verification, sign-up; user onboarding; and intuitive user flows. These outcomes resulted in a more streamlined digital experience allowing users to file their taxes without getting bogged down by the complications associated with tax filing. 

2. Prioritization & Product Strategy

We designed and developed a prioritized product roadmap for phased delivery using our ‘T, T+1, and T+n’ model collaboratively. This enabled us and our client NexGen Taxes to focus our resources on refining the app’s core functionalities and launching the app softly just in time for the 2021 tax filing season. This also worked well with the client because it enabled us to stay within the budget while quickly tackling immediate market needs. Our ‘T, T+1, and T+n’ model allowed us to provide the client with guidance and a strategic product roadmap to ensure they got the most bang for their buck while also having a clear plan for future growth.

nexgen Upload Dashboard
nexgen Federal Refund

3. AWS Cloud Hybrid Web & Mobile App Development and Delivery

Considering our client’s desire to launch the product ASAP, we implemented the solution using a AWS Cloud hybrid framework. The hybrid app framework allowed us to save much precious time and development costs by allowing us to write a code once and run it on all platforms by using CSS, HTM5, and JavaScript. 

As a result, there were improvements in efficiency, customer relationships, information accessibility, and competitive advantages over other players, and we were able to launch the mobile and web application on time and within budget.

What about the delivery made the client happiest

When NexGen Taxes came to us, they gave us the initial idea of their concept and business model. Based on our experience with tax mobile and web applications, we brainstormed and created a highly scalable, user-friendly hybrid solution that exceeded their expectations.

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