If you imagine it, we can build it!

Led by speed, innovation, and quality, Luminous Tec is a well-established company offering full-fledged web and application development services. Our caliber lies in the dedication that we infuse in whatever we do to deliver value to your business. We take care of your business needs by bringing the right solutions without crossing the fine line of budgetary constraints you’ve set. Backed by a team of brainy professionals, Luminous Tec designs, develops and deploys solutions as per your requirements. Our technical prowess in the industry has set us apart from others.

We pour every ounce of creativity, tech wizardry, and passion into every project

The experiences of our powerful team of developers, designers, relationship managers, and 2nd to none world class IT professionals all under 1 roof, will give you the competitive edge.

Time and Money

Luminous Tec will support you 24/7 with dedicated account management and development teams. You can focus on growing your business while we consistently deliver the highest KPIS in the industry.

Experience and Service

Luminous Tec LLC offers the experience and proficiency which enables the organizations to accelerate their service processes, deliver more service value and realize breakthrough results in their niche market. Now our clients not only appreciate our comprehensive range of services, our innovative, streamlined and cost effective solutions, but more importantly, they admire our unparalleled customer service.

Luminous Results

Our team is extremely ambitious and result oriented. We encourage creativity and ingenious ideas. We work as a team and hold regular meetings where new ideas are shared and solutions to problems are discussed. We have created an environment which fosters learning and growth. Our team has performed exceptionally over the years. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have given us excellent reviews based on high quality services and customer service.

"Ashley did great on the job and completed the tasks. I’d hire her again for not urgent projects with confidence."



"Sam was very helpful and completed the project on time. Sam did his best to help me out. He was very helpful."



"Belinda worked quickly and my experience with her was easy, professional and friendly."